A Glimpse into February

This past year, Custer Federal State Bank has been struck with Cupid’s arrow; naturally, we have fallen in love.  With the onset of February, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate time than now to share four things that we have recently fallen in love with.  Come back each Monday throughout the month of February to watch our list grow and learn about all of the things that we are loving right now.

1.  Technology:

It is no secret: we all love what technology allows us to do.  For us, that means the birth of online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposits, online bill pay, and e-statements.  Technology makes everything that much simpler; that is something we love.

2.  To be announced February 8, 2016

3.  To be announced February 15, 2015

4.  To be announced February 22, 2015

Here is to February and all of the people and things we love.


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