Other Services

Other Services

Safe Deposit Box


  • Small: $15 per year
  • Medium: $25 per year
  • Large: $35 per year
Wiring Services

Charges: $15 per wire

*Foreign Wiring Transfers May Vary*

United States Savings Bonds

Due to Federal regulations, banks are no longer able to sell Savings Bonds. However, they can be purchased through the Treasury Direct website.

*Cashing savings bonds can still be done at the teller stations.*

Online Banking Services

Charges: Free

Mobile Banking Services

Charges: Free

Online Bill Pay Services

Charges: Free

ATM Service

Customers: unlimited access

Non-Customers: $2.00 per transaction

Night Depository

Available 24/7

Cashier's Checks

Charges: $2 per check

Money Orders

Charges: $2 per check 

Notary Services

Charges: Free

Coin Counting Services

Charges: Free for customers
               10% charge for non-customers

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